Super Ray Indoor Heat Shield

Model: WHS16

Indoor Super Ray Heat Shield (WHS16/24/40)


Reduce ceiling clearances
Constructed from stainless steel and heat resistant insulator board, the Rinnai Super Ray heat shield acts as a deflector and insulator when fitted to a Super Ray W-Series heater. This has the benefit of reducing ceiling clearances, giving the owner flexibility about where the Super Ray heater can be positioned.

For example:

Super Ray Model Ceiling Clearance without Heat Shield Ceiling Clearance with Heat Shield
16 1.0 m 0.5 m
24 1.1 m 0.6 m
40 1.1 m 0.6 m


All Rinnai Super Ray Indoor W-Series (WMA, WEA, and WFA) radiant heaters. Heat shield must be fitted to the Super Ray prior to installation.

Not suitable for Outdoor Super Ray models as these already have an in-built heat shield.

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