Marley DrainCoil (Unpunched) 65mm 150M - 500.65.150U

Model: 500.65.150U

Draincoil is easily identified by twin yellow stripes along its length. Draincoil can be used where root penetration is a problem, for example when the drain passes under or near trees or hedges, or where a low cost water disposal pipeline is required.

  • Marley DrainCoil (Unpunched) 65mm 150M - 500.65.150U


  • Improves soil aeration – allows oxygen into the soil to encourage micro organism growth and better utilization of fertiliser and natural fertility.
  • Runoff of natural or rain irrigated effl uent and fertilizers, which pollute local streams and rivers, is reduced.
  • Improves soil structure by allowing worms better conditions for activity.
  • Crops are earlier as the sun warms the soil quicker.
  • Plant growth is more vigorous as roots go deeper and are more resistant to drought and winds.
  • Improves fertilizer utilization and absorption into the pasture via deeper root penetration.
  • Discourages rushes, sedges and buttercup etc. (wet growth plants).
  • Reduces surface pugging by vehicles and stock.
  • Reduces animal health problems such as footrot etc. caused by wet conditions.
  • Allows for warm dry paddocks for calving, lambing, marking and feeding out.
  • Means cleaner cows in the milking shed and less chance of contamination.
  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Corrugated Pipe
  • Colour:
    Code 400: Drainflo - Black - Punched
    Code 500: DrainCoild - Black with Yellow Stripes - Unpunched
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