DLM Dektite Retrofit Soaker EPDM 235-425mm Pipe Size - RFS4

Model: RFS4

DLM Dektite Retrofit Soaker EPDM 235-425mm Pipe Size - RFS4

  • Base: 750mm x 660mm
  • Pipe: 235-425mm
  • Pitch: 0-45°
One Standard Size: for 235-425mm pipes
✔ Like Dektite retrofit, they are designed to flash where access to installation is restricted.
✔ The unique crimp closure mechanism makes pipe or vent flashing an elementary wrap and seal procedure requiring no soldering or special tools.
✔ The Dektite Retrofit Soaker will flex with the roof decking without cracking or leaking and their smooth tray area means water run-off is super efficient.
✔ EPDM withstands temperatures from -50°C - 115°C and up to 150°C intermittently


Flexible Cone Sleeve
Dektite cone shape eliminates seal breakdown due to vibration or expansion and contraction, while isolation of pipe from sheeting dampens noise levels.

Stress Isolation Points
Unique to Dektite, two flexible shoulders absorb distortion and stop transfer of stresses from base to cone, as unit is formed over roofing profile.

Bonded Aluminium Flange
Corrosion-resistant, malleable flange, evenly distributes fastening pressure and allows ease of hand-shaping on most sheet profiles.

Integrity of Flashing Shape
Minimal distortion after installation, maintains natural flashing shape and seal around pipe, while water run-off is improved.

UV Protection
Dektite products are resistant to ultraviolet light damage and will remain fully flexible under all conditions.

Easily Identified Sizing
Pipe diameter rings are clearly marked on the cone sleeve (metric and imperial) for cutting to match the appropriate pipe diameter.

Low Profile Design
Sleek, unobtrusive shape is designed to minimise silhouette on roofline, while managing to provide generous internal clearance for steep, angular installations.

Improved Waterproofing
Designed to strengthen sealant bond and improve waterproofing, the ribbed base also has a tapered edge to improve runoff and contribute to a superior waterproof seal.

Perfect for approved flues!
Dektite EPDM polymer flashings have been officially tested and conform to all Australian and New Zealand Standards on approved flue systems. EPDM withstands temperatures from -50°C - 115°C and up to 150°C intermittently. withstands temperatures from -60°C - 200°C and up to 250°C intermittently

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