Buteline PB-1 Pipe - Straight Pipe Coil - 5 x 18mm x 10m Lengths

Model: BSC18

  • Size : 5 x 18mm x10m Lengths
  • COMING SOON : 5 x 22mm x 10m lengths (Product Code BSC22)

Buteline Pipe

All pipe in New Zealand is manufactured out of Polybutene-1 (PB-1) using equipment designed and built by Buteline's engineering division. The Pipewinder (pictured right) automatically cuts quality assurance samples which, in addition with Buteline's laboratory testing, ensures consistent production of high quality pipe that exceed even the most stringent world standards.

Polybutene-1 (PB-1) is not a hybrid material and was specifically developed for use with hot and cold potable water. It is a proven solution for the conveyance of clean healthy drinking water. (Please see Polybutene-1 Technical Information for more information).

Buteline Polybutene-1 pipe can withstand high temperatures and pressures, is manufactured to meet the exacting Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 2642, and complies with the AS/NZS 4020 Food Grade Standard.

ISO logo     AS/NZS 2642      WaterMark 2642

Manufacturing PB-1 pipe coils on the Buteline Pipewinder in the NZ factory

The pipe extrusion process in the Buteline factory in NZ


Buteline manufacture lengths and coils of grey Polybutene-1 (PB-1) pipe in 12mm, 15mm, 20mm and 28mm sizes. Buteline manufacture lengths and coils of grey Polybutene-1 (PB-1) pipe in 12mm, 15mm, 20mm and 28mm sizes. 

20mm Recycled Water pipe (in lilac colour) is also available.

Material Pipe Size / Specs
 PB-1 12mm 
5m Lengths
25m Coils
5m Lengths
50m Coils
5 x 10m Straight Coils   
15mmRecycled Water
5m Lengths
50m Coils
5m Lengths
50m Coils
20mmRecycled Water
5m Lengths
50m Coils
5m Lengths

* Please note that 100m, 150m and 200m coils are available by special request.


Recycled Water pipe withPolybutene-1 pipe lengths and coils

Buteline pipe is tested to exacting national and international requirements with regards to compatibility with fittings, resistance to leakage when subjected to bending, resistance to pull out of assembled joints (as proven by The Buteline 'Pipe Pull' Demo -- you can literally tow your car using Buteline pipe), as well as thermal and pressure cycling.

Short term tests are carried out at a calculated pressure based on a given hoop stress pressure depending on the duration of the test. The tests are carried out at 95 ± 1°C for durations of 1 hour and 170 hours.

Long term tests are carried out based on the hoop stress pressures given for operating temperatures between 20°C and 95°C.


Main Advantages of PB-1 Pipe

  • Increased flexibility (ie: Less fittings required = save $$ and installation time), lightweight, easier to install
  • Does not corrode, and no scale build-up
  • Superior strength (40% stronger than PE-X, and almost double the strength of PP-R and PE-RT, as published in ISO9080 evaluation of PE-RT)
  • Reduced wall thickness gives larger pipe internal diameter resulting in higher flow rates whilst lowering energy costs
  • Silent operation, virtually no water hammer
  • Excellent resistance to creep
  • The best choice for plumbing in climates where freezing conditions are possible

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