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Model: ME13548830S

A hot water cylinder that typically saves 10 - 15%* on your water heating bill!

Whatever your bathroom habits, the new Rinnai Smart Cylinder™ will love you unconditionally.

That's because this revolutionary hot water cylinder actually learns a households behaviour and only heats what's needed, saving you on water heating!

Rinnai Smart Cylinder™. The more it knows you, the more it loves you.

What is it?

The way that a traditional electric hot water cylinder works means that you are paying to heat all of the water in your cylinder 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

The new Rinnai Smart Cylinder™ has a smart thermostat which actually learns the pattern of hot water use of your house, and then only heats the water when it knows it's going to be needed, typically saving 10 - 15% on water heating costs*, pretty smart huh!

It's easy to use too with an LCD control pad, simply set and forget.

How it works

The smart cylinder has three modes that can be selected using the control pad; IQ mode (smart learning mode), manual mode, and vacation mode.  


Set, forget and save

When in this mode the Rinnai Smart Cylinder™ will learn one week of your households hot water usage behaviour. After the first week the Rinnai Smart Cylinder™ will apply the savings algorithm and only heat water in the cylinder when it knows it will be needed.

The Rinnai Smart Cylinder™ will constantly monitor the household water usage and update the saving algorithm continuously, ensuring that it is only ever heating water to meet demand. A minimum hot water availability is guaranteed on the level of comfort selected. There are five levels of comfort.  


Going away on holiday? Save while you're away

In vacation mode, Rinnai Smart Cylinder will keep the water at a minimum temperature (6°C) to save power. This will also prevent the water from freezing in colder areas. Simply select the number of days you will be away for and the Rinnai Smart Cylinder will handle the rest. After the specified time it will automatically revert to the last mode you had it on meaning  you can have a hot shower as soon as you get in the door!


When in this mode the Rinnai Smart Cylinder™ maintains the total volume of water at the selected temperature level (operates as a traditional electric storage cylinder).

Which cylinders can be smart?

  • Low-medium pressure stainless steel ; Product codes :
    • 135L : LS13555030S
    • 180L : LS18055030S
    • 250L : LS25055030S
  • Mains pressure enamel ; Product codes :
    • 135L : ME13548830S
    • 180L : ME18048830S
    • 250L : ME25059030S
  • Mains pressure stainless steel ; Product codes :
    • 135L : MS13555030S
    • 180L : MS18055030S
    • 250L : MS25055030S

*Savings are influenced by a number of factors including cylinder size, hot water use profiles and plumbing system design. Savings of 10 – 15% have been observed in field trails in New Zealand and Europe when compared to a standard electric hot water cylinder.

See under Specifications for further information.

Suitable for residential indoor water heating applications—mains and low pressure systems.

Not suitable as a pool or spa heater, or for connection to an open loop solar or hot water heat pump system.

Water quality

Rinnai cylinders are manufactured to suit most New Zealand council water supplies. However some water supplies can have a detrimental effect on the water heater, its operation and life expectancy.

Water supplies with a high level of calcium carbonate (hard water) can cause scaling on hot surfaces. We recommend a water temperature of no more than 65 °C to minimise scale build-up. Scale reducing or water softening devices should be considered in hard water areas. The unit is not guaranteed against damage due to scaling.

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