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The BLUE BOX by Zenit - Sanitary Pump Station
The BLUE BOX by Zenit is a sanitary pump station for pumping sewage and waste water effluent. Ver..
Broysplit - Sanisplit - Tecma
BROYSPLIT (also called Sanisplit) by Tecma, are sanitary pump stations designed for the pumping o..
Sanibest Pro Macerator
Sanibest Pro is a powerful macerator pump designed to accept waste water form WC, basin and shower i..
Sanicom 2 Lifting Station Grey Water Pump
A grey water lifting station for high usage in a commercial kitchen, office or cafe. Sanicom 2 ha..
Sanipack Pro Up Macerator
Sanipack Pro Up Macerator is the only grinder which can be completely fitted in a wall cavity and in..
Sanicondens Pro Commercial Condensate Pump
Sanicondens Pro is a specially designed small bore pump that flushes away non-acidic condensates ..
Saniplus Macerator
Saniplus is recommended where a washing machine is used in conjunction with a toilet, basin, show..
Sanipro XR Macerator
Sanipro XR Macerator is ideal for installing an en-suite bathroom. With Sanipro a toilet, shower,..
Sanitop Macerator
Sanitop has a powerful macerator that makes it perfect for installing an additional WC and wash basi..
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