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Dux Grease Converter with Dispenser and Liquid GC5080 - GC5080WDAL
Dux Actamatic Grease Converters are available in floor standing, fully recessed and hanger types...
Buteline Chromed Female Swivel - F15C - 1/2" BSP x 15mm
Size : F15C - 1/2" BSP x 15mm Buteline fittings are integrally strong and durable, mould..
Buteline Female Wing Back Elbows - 1/2" BSP x 15mm
Fitting Size : 1/2" BSP x 15mm Also Available 3/4" BSP x 15mm (Produ..
Buteline PB-1 Pipe - 18mm x 5m Length
Size : 18mm x 5m Length Also available : Product Code BL22 : Size 22mm x ..
Buteline Female Swivels - 3/4" BSP x 20mm
Fitting Size : 3/4" BSP x 20mm Also Available ​1" BSP x 28mm ..
Buteline Lugged Elbows - 1/2" BSPT x 15mm x 100mm
Fitting Size : 1/2" BSPT x 15mm x 100mm Includes test cap and palm spanner A..
Buteline Pipe Cutters - Orange
Buteline Pipe Cutters Orange - Blades can be replaced Other Buteli..
Buteline Top Fix Male Wing Back Elbows - 3/4" BSP x 20mm x 200mm
Fitting Size : 3/4" BSP x 20mm x 200mm Also available 1/2" BSP x 15mm x 200mm..
Double Lin Water Brass Ball Valves Male/Male - Short Handle - PN25
For Water PN Rating 25 Minimum and Maximum working temperature : -10ºC to 120ºC..
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